The 15 Most Irritating Things People Do Behind the Wheel

The only thing worse than a bad driver is a really bad driver.  What annoying driving habits do you witness the most?  Here are our top 15.

1. When You Let Them Through and They Don’t Wave to Say Thank You

What kind of family did you grow up in? It’s culturally expected that you give the obligatory thank-you wave, or at least a friendly nod in the direction of the kind heart who let you in. If you don’t, be surprised not when that person rides your bumper for the next two miles. Those are the rules of the road, my friend.

no thank you when you let someone in

2. When They Don’t Signal Before Turning/Switching Lanes

Do you see that little stick resting beneath your steering wheel? That’s called your turn signal. The automotive giants wanted to give you a way to let the people around you know that you’re about to move. When you push on it, your car starts to blink.  Revolutionary!

no turn signal

3. When They Text While Stopped at a Red Light and Then Don’t Notice When It Turns Green Again

We realize that Shania just broke up with her boyfriend and now she’s rebelling by cutting her hair and getting a nose ring, so you’re providing emotional support via your telephonic portal; but that stoplight has been green for approximately three seconds and you haven’t budged. Call Shania later.

Mean Girls

4. When They Swerve In and Out of Lanes

We understand that your life is more important than everybody else’s, but this isn’t the Monaco Grand Prix, speed racer. Slow down and pick a lane.

Clueless - driving scene

5. When They Go Too Slow

There’s a name for this: It’s called “impeding traffic,” and it’s just as dangerous as driving too fast. If you can’t go the speed limit or within 5 mph of it, take the bus.

driving slow

6. When They Brake at the Last Second

You were probably just doing the person behind you a favor. You probably just wanted to make sure that their seat belts functioned properly. Right? No. Give the person behind you enough time to stop safely, or get used to the idea of your trunk ending up in your backseat, fast.

when someone suddenly brakes

7. When They Stare at You While You’re Both Stopped at a Red Light

Do I have something on my face? Did you hear me address you by name? …No? Avert your gaze, then.

look over at a stoplight

8. When a Single Drop of Rain Falls and They Forget How to Drive Entirely

This isn’t Mario Kart. You won’t hit a puddle, lose control of your vehicle, and get caught in a swirling eddy of water and despair. Of course, maneuver defensively; but if I can walk faster than you’re driving, we have a problem.

Jim Carrey standing in rain

9. When Their Music Gives You Heart Palpitations

What is this? Are we at a rave? Did you bring the glowsticks? Throw on your neon tube top and pin on your fake flowers.  Or better yet, turn your music down. This isn’t the Electric Daisy Carnival.

annoying loud music

10. When They Try to Show Off Their Fancy Car

I get it: You’re better than me. You drive a Maserati Granturismo Convertible and I drive a Ford Pinto. Quit revving your engine and flicking your cigarette buds at me. I have feelings too.

Brad Pitt in Se7en

11. When They Tail You While You’re Speeding

Your front bumper is almost touching my back bumper. You’re so close to me that I can smell your breakfast on your breath. Where’s the fire? Relax. Slow down.

 Chased  by T-Rex

12. When They Steal Your Parking Spot

Nothing makes me want to go all Fight Club more than the person who steals my parking spot. You saw me waiting; you saw my turn signal; you defied the rules of the lot and ripped my parking space from my judo-like grip. Unacceptable.

The Mask movie clip

13. When They Drive Without Headlights

Oh, I’m sorry–are you using your magical headlights, the ones that only you can see? That’s peachy. Thanks for all the help.

Morgan Freeman

14. When They Drive With Their Brights On


driving with brights on

15. When They Drive the Wrong Way Down a One-Way Street

I guess the giant sign that says ONE WAY and the 20 cars driving in the opposite direction weren’t enough of an indication. Get off the road, please.

driving in the wrong direction

We could go on, and we’re sure you could, as well. Let’s keep the roads safe for everyone and be the best drivers we can be.

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