Get the Best Las Vegas Premises Liability Lawyers on Your Side!

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Premises liability cases sound simple: you fall or injure yourself on someone’s property, you take them to court, and you get some kind of compensation. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. That’s why you need the best injury lawyers of Las Vegas, Gazda & Tadayon, on your side when you file a premises liability claim in Nevada. We’re the most experienced liability claims lawyers and have successfully brought cases to trial or settlement for over 20 years.

Most people don’t know that even if the property owner is not found to be negligent in a trial, most property insurance policies provide compensation for injuries on someone’s property, regardless of who is at fault; all that needs to be proven is that you were injured on their property. However, you need experienced lawyers to make sure you don’t’ get taken advantage of. That’s where we come in. With our background in legal counsel for the insurance company we know the correct steps to take in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

We Can Help You:

  • File the necessary paperwork
  • Deal with insurance companies to obtain the compensation you need
  • Obtain the maximum payout you’re entitled to from the property owner or their insurance company

Don’t go through the process of a premises liability suit on your own! Contact Gazda & Tadayon today at 702-220-7128 for a free consultation to get started with your premises liability claim in Las Vegas!