7 Personal Injury Lawyers You Should Follow on Google+

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Move over, Facebook. Google+ is taking over. Educate yourself on local and national legal matters and keep abreast of newsworthy topics by following these seven personal injury lawyers on Google+.

#1: Jeffrey Lapin

Lapin’s presence in the Google+ community is certainly something to be proud of.  12,805 other users have this Nebraska lawyer in their circles, and his profile proves to be a wealth of knowledge spanning topics from texting and driving to food poisoning. He also loves sharing quality information and takes the time to tell you he enjoyed your post.

#2: Burnetti, PA

There’s plenty to like about the information displayed on Burnetti’s Google+ profile, namely the mention of a free consultation, no upfront costs, and no fees if there is no recovery.  The 1,162 people who keep Burnetti in their circles agree: Keep an eye on this one!

#3: Cross Prescott APC

Cross Prescott’s page is chock full of advice for people who need legal assistance.  A quick glance at their page reveals tips on how to handle parking lot accidents, how to write a successful demand letter, traffic laws, and more.

#4: Michigan Auto Law


Like Cross Prescott, Michigan Auto Law gears their posts toward local residents looking for quick and accessible information.  Tune into their page to educate yourself on car insurance, biking safety, and texting and driving bans.  These lawyers are also quick to respond to your comments and +1s!

#5: William Bill Hurst

You can find Hurst all over the Internet, from Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and Picasa.  This Indiana lawyer has represented hundreds of victims and has done nothing but personal injury cases for over 35 years.  Review his comments and +1s — there are plenty.

#6: Stephan Futeral


Futeral’s 2,038 followers take his posts seriously; not a single one goes by without several subsequent +1s, and, very frequently, shares.  We love how personal he’s made his page, and how frequently he addresses specific people by name.

#7: Gazda & Tadayon

Ok, so we had to save the best for last. Just kidding! We find Google + to be a great platform to share information and connect with other lawyers around the U.S. It’s wonderful to part of the G+ community and we look forward to all the posts and 1+s. See you around the interweb.


Do you need representation?  Contact Gazda & Tadayon today at (702) 220-7128.  We offer free personal injury consultations!


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