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wrongful death

When a person or company is careless or reckless and these actions result in someone’s death, it is considered a wrongful death. For example if a company such as those in the pharmaceutical, automotive, or tire industries chooses profits over customer safety and a fatality occurs because of their negligence, a wrongful death lawsuit can and should be filed.

We Will Fight for You

Gazda & Tadayon are experienced in filing wrongful death lawsuits in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, fatal accidents sometimes happen because of negligence on someone else’s part. That is why we work with the surviving family members to ensure that the person(s) who are responsible for the fatality are held accountable. Oftentimes, families pursue wrongful death lawsuits to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again, and to make sure fatalities are not repeated. Not only is a wrongful death claim honoring your loved one, but it is protecting the safety of others.

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