Negligent Drivers: What Happens in a Bus Accident?

bus accidents attorneys in las vegasLegally, a bus is any vehicle that transports 10 people or more, including the driver. Thus, there are many vehicles that can qualify as a bus in Las Vegas. This could be a school bus, a charter bus for an organization, a public RTC transit bus, or a private shuttle for a hotel or convention center.

In most bus accidents, the victim files a claim against the bus company rather than the bus driver, since it’s the company that covers the operators through insurance. If these companies call and attempt to settle, it can be tempting to take the settlement. There are immediate medical costs to cover, and the victim can already be overwhelmed physically, emotionally, and financially. But often, this initial settlement is not the best option, no matter how patient and understanding the other party may sound on the phone.

At the end of the day, both the bus company and their insurance companies will defend their own interests. They are focused on the numbers, and that means that their agenda is to minimize the amount of money they award to any injured parties, if they can’t avoid the claim altogether. They can be difficult to negotiate with, and even when they do accept blame, they can attempt to lower the payout by low-balling the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and emotional damages to the victim. For example, if a pedestrian suffers a serious spine injury after the accident, the company may agree to cover the costs of the first few hospital visits, but they may neglect to cover the costs of long-term rehabilitation and lost wages, which can span years. Once a victim accepts a settlement, there’s no going back to ask for additional compensation, no matter how justified.

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