How To Tell If You’ve Been Injured On Public TransportationBus Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas

After a jarring bus accident or collision, the extent of your injuries may not be immediately obvious. Many injures make themselves fully known in the long term, and some people might want to downplay their injuries, assuming it’s “no big deal”. However, the long-term costs of medical care, rehabilitation, and lost wages can pile up, and many bus accident victims experience emotional upheaval as well. It’s perfectly reasonable. No one wants to get involved in any traffic accident, let alone an accident involving a heavy bus or other public transport vehicle.

Here are a few common injuries after a public transit accident:



It is critical that victims seek medical assistance regardless of how they might feel since a medical professional will be able to take a full inventory of any issues. This medical record also helps us build the case later on, especially for injuries that require long term rehabilitation like orthopedic care or chronic pain management.

If injury from the public transit crash can be demonstrated, the company that owns the taxi, limousine, bus, or other public transportation vehicle can be held responsible. The victim can claim compensation for a number of damages, including:

  • cost of initial ER visit
  • cost of medical treatment
  • long-term rehabilitation services
  • medication for chronic pain and emotional suffering
  • property damages

In the most severe cases, a crash may lead to the death of the passenger, either at the site of the accident or as a direct result of their injuries. This case may qualify as a wrongful death case, for which the company can also be held liable for a whole suite of damages.

What to Know About Public Transportation Accidents

There are many vehicles that can qualify as public transportation in Las Vegas. The most obvious are our RTC transit buses, but there are other vehicles that qualify as well, including:

  • private shuttles
  • charter buses
  • school buses
  • tour buses
  • taxis and cabs
  • limousines

Most of the vehicles operated by hotels, casinos, and convention centers also fall under this category, as does almost any bus, which is defined as any vehicle with 10 or more passengers including the driver.

These accidents happen more often than one might think, even if the vehicle was going at relatively slow speeds, and they often involve more than one other vehicle.