Winter Car Seat Safety: How to Keep Kids Safe

Children’s car seats are carefully designed to keep kids in place in case of an accident, and thus significantly reduce injuries. Car seats are so effective that they are legally required for children under a certain age. However, you may not know that extra precautions must be taken during the winter months when buckling your child into their car seat.

winter carseat safety

Winter Clothes and Children’s Seats

Bulky coats and clothing can pose a real hazard for your children when they’re buckled into their car seat. Because the seats are designed to work best when your child is snugly secured, thick jackets and other winter gear can create too much space between the child and the straps. That’s why it’s important for children to be buckled in wearing no more than a sweater or sweatshirt.

It’s easy to forget that everything inside of your car is traveling at the same speed as your car. If you’re going 50mph, that means your child is also traveling at 50mph–and if the car suddenly stops, everything inside will continue moving at that speed. Extra space, created by coats, between your child and the straps will make the child move more than is safe, if a sudden stop is made.

How to Secure Your Child in Their Car Seat in the Winter

The first thing is to make sure the car seat is properly installed. Surveys indicate that as many as 1 in 3 car seats are improperly, and unsafely, installed. The next thing is to make sure your child is not wearing more than they would typically wear indoors. It may take a few extra moments to get them ready, but it may save them from serious injury in case of an accident. If you’re worried about your child’s comfort, strap them into the car seat and then put their arms through the sleeves of a jacket or cover them with a blanket. Just make sure there isn’t anything too bulky between your child and the straps of the car seat.

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