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Las Vegas Truck Accident Attorneys

Gazda & Tadayon are top-rated truck accident attorneys in Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding areas. Our law firm has helped numerous clients receive the compensation they deserve after experiencing a car accident. We have over 50 years of combined experience in personal injury cases and are one of Nevada’s most experienced traffic accident attorneys. Additionally, Attorney Lewis Gazda has been named as one of the Top 25 motor vehicle accident attorneys from a national organization composed of premier trial attorneys in a state or region and is invitation-only.

Top-Rated Truck Accident Injury Law Firm

Our peers and clients trust us to call the shots. See why we’re rate top Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, or read our client testimonials.

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Our Experienced Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

As former insurance defense counsel attorneys, we have the insider knowledge on what it takes to win these types of cases. Therefore, we will use all possible resources at our disposal to get results, including our insider knowledge of insurance companies. Since we have formerly served as defense counsel for these insurers, we know how the “other side” thinks. This is a huge asset when handling a car accident case – we know exactly what questions to ask, and the right steps to take in order to get the compensation you deserve.

After a truck crash, every single detail can make or break a case. To cover all our bases, we make it a point to conduct a thorough investigation of the accident site, questioning witnesses and evaluating every detail that may contribute to your case. When you choose us to handle your truck accident case, you choose lawyers that care about your personal and legal success.

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Client Reviews

I'm very happy with the outcome of my case , they where very helpful and thorough with every detail of my caseThanks guys
Edward lopez
23:17 30 Oct 21
Great office and profesionals, thanks for your help
Marcelino Castillo
16:03 20 Sep 21
They are the best! Atty. Tadayon was able to resolved my case professionally.
Roxanne San Jose
02:11 14 Sep 21
Very profesional office , they do a very good job, I recommend them 1000%
Esteban Araujo
15:37 28 Apr 21
Great lawyers know what they are doing. Tell them, Meisy send you.
Meisy G.
04:08 20 Mar 21
I had 7 accidents my whole life and this law firm solve them all.
19:12 09 Mar 21
Gazda and Tadayon represented my father in a Personal Injury case. My father used their firm based on recommendations that they were both experienced trial attorneys with a reputation for achieving excellent results for their clients. Mr. Tadayon is a skillful negotiator with a great work ethic and respect for other’s integrity. Mr. Gazda’s combined experience and passion for litigating make this law firm the place where I discovered that other attorneys and doctors in town refer their cases. Highly recommended.
02:54 24 Jun 20
Mr. Tadayon is the best lawyer!! He helped me with a case I needed help with and walked me through everything I need and kept in contact with with everything!! I highly recommend him
Mandy Schaller
17:57 27 Mar 20
Thank you to Mr. Gazda and his staff for their attention to my case. The staff were all so professional and they put my mind at ease. I am pleased with how they handled my case and I am completely satisfied with my outcome. I would recommend them to friends and family.
Liz Gronauer
16:41 05 Mar 20
I had occasion to serve as a court appointed arbitrator of a few cases in which Lewis Gazda represented an injury victim in a claim for compensation. Mr. Gazda always represented his client very well by being totally in command of all of the facts of the case and presenting his client's claim in the best possible light.
Jonathan Reed
00:38 05 Mar 20
I worked for Gazda & Tadayon for about four years. During that time, everyone I talked to who interacted with them as an employee, client, vendor or otherwise, had only the best things to say about them, and the firm. Afshin Tadayon and Lewis Gazda are first class attorneys who get results. I witnessed their ability of turning adversaries into lifelong referral sources. They have compassion for their clients and they care about their employees no matter what age or background they have. They are passionate and courteous. They always conducted themselves with professionalism and treated all parties with dignity and respect. Gazda and Tadayon was home to me.Mr. Gazda and Mr. Tadayon are committed to doing whatever is necessary to help their clients get the best outcome. They are not afraid to put in the hours and "walk the walk." I highly recommend Gazda And Tadayon.
Maria Goodall
00:47 14 Feb 20
Case was handled very professionally and the communication between attorney and us as the client were very well handled. They said they would handle it and that I wouldn't need to worry about anything and sure enough they were right.
Ensony C
17:18 07 Feb 20
They handled our case over the course of about 3 years and even as I was out of state they called and clarified lots of information over the phone and in person. The front office is exceptional
Jeffrey Chang
17:18 07 Feb 20
I was standing service treat you like family , Very knowledgeable and they treat you to the highes I am so proud being and then working for me.
Alfredo Matos
18:56 27 Jan 20
Best service. Best everything all the way around. Very happy with all that has happened.
Nevin Perryman
22:37 15 Jan 20
Great very friendly attorney he really met my expectations very professional staff
Miguel Rivera
20:57 20 Dec 19
(Translated by Google) Excellent service, I would definitely recommend them, very professional, answer all your questions and solve your case quickly. Very savvy.(Original)Excelente servicio, definitivamente los recomendaría, muy profesionales, responden todas tus dudas y resuelven tu caso rápido. Muy sacdisfecha.
Jacqueline Lopez
22:47 18 Dec 19
The service is very good and have solve my problems fast, I am very happy
Abel Mejia
00:05 18 Dec 19
I am grateful for the service I received and the painless experience , professionalism and caring staff.I will definitely recommend Gazda and Tadayon Law Firm .
Stella Flores
19:53 17 Dec 19
I am very pleased with the attention and service I received from the Office of Gazda & Tadayon Law Firm . I received great assistance on my case and will definitely recommend them to friends and family.
Jorge Flores
19:49 17 Dec 19
This was an amazing experience team was great and friendly Im am very pleased with everything
Trinae Polk
23:53 03 Dec 19
This was the best experience. My first accident and the front office staff and the professional personal went out of their way to make this run without stress on my part..Thank you so much
Shirley Colucci
19:48 27 Nov 19
I got referred by my friends after my car incidents Mr. Afshin Tadayon was so helpful, professional and free initial consultation. My case was...
Nancy Y.
16:49 16 Oct 19
These two gentlemen were able to settle out of court for a considerable settlement....keep in mind it takes time..
Rick Stokely
00:43 15 Oct 19
After a few lawyers drop my case. My case was referred to gazda and tayadon. My case was really difficult because I had gotten into different car accidents within a day part of each. After a difficult 5 years fighting my case I can finally say it's almost finialzed. Not only did they take my cases but also won it. From the start I knew there was a possibility I wouldn't recieve a dime not only was my medical and lawyers fees covered but come to find out I'll be getting a settlement check as well. Not only are they great laywers but great negotiators. I would highly recommend them to anyone.Thank you to Gazda and Tadayon and team for all they're hard work they put into winning my cases.
Angelita Martin
21:47 22 Aug 19
I would highly recommend Lewis and Afshin.They got my bills paid and a lot more money in my pocket than I expected. They represented me for my car...
Jordan P.
14:53 22 Aug 19
After a few lawyers drop my case. My case was referred to gazda and tayadon. My case was really difficult because I had gotten into different car accidents...
Angelita M.
14:49 22 Aug 19
Great Lawyers very personable. Lewis is very funny and Afshin is a great person,. I can only say if you want a personal experience and not feel pressured I think these guys would be your best choice. Just dont bet Afshin on a Muhammid Ali question while driving he will win the bet ; )
Letbeknown Truth
21:13 22 Mar 19
These guys are the best!
14:01 27 Jun 18
Excellent service. Mr. Tadayon explained everything thoroughly in every step of my process and helped me get compensated fully for my injuries all in a timely manner. Also fantastic and helpful staff!
Saber Rouhani
21:37 09 Nov 17
Ghazda & Tadayon have been very helpful. They are the best accident attorney and personal injury lowers in lasvegas. Thank you so much for everything. 🙏🙏
sanaz sh
03:22 07 May 17
(Translated by Google) Very good lawyers very attentive(Original)Muy buenos abogados muy atentos
Adan Hernandes
18:55 09 Dec 16
I would recommend them to anyone in Las Vegas! I was in a car accident about 2 years ago and was left with burns on my arms. Thanks to Afshin Tadayon I am receiving a nice settlement that is more than i thought id ever get. I was by far the worst client, I never answered my phone and was hard to get a hold of. Afshin went above and beyond to handle my case and I am beyond grateful for that.
Alyssa Morgan
22:09 25 Apr 16
I had a slip and fall accident while walking my dog. I broke my ankle and thought I had a legitimate lawsuit. I was paying for a pre-paid legal service, but they weren't interested. I then contacted several of the attorneys that advertise on local TV. I was amazed that they didn't want to discuss my case in person. They disqualified me over the phone. I was eventually referred to Afshin Tadayon. I met him at his office and he agreed that I had a case. I was impressed with Mr. Tadayon from the getgo. He was professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. He made me feel comfortable and confident with the outcome. I would have to say that the process went smoothly and quickly. The settlement was more than I thought it would be. I can't think of any way that it could have been any better. I couldn't believe that I was turned away by so many other attorneys. I highly recommend Mr. Tadayon.
George Stewart
05:12 17 Feb 15
Gotta say these two guys were great I had used them during a difficult interstate law suit and the driver at fault was all about counter action. Gazda and Tadayon really put my recovery first, all the doctors and treatment never came out of my pocket great settlement.
Chuck Becker
16:24 22 Apr 14
My experiences with Gazda & Tadayon are truly amazing. These attorneys are highly skilled and very professional when it comes to handling cases. Lewis and Afshin are always prepared to take on any sort of case that comes their way.When I was involved in a car accident, I was slightly injured but my car was wrecked! I was more concerned about how I can manage fixing my car first. Then I was told to visit the offices of Gazda & Tadayon to get a FREE consultation. Money is tight for me so I can't be spending much when my car is totalled! After we spoke, it wasn't much later til my case had begun. Then in no time, my case had been settled and the amount of compensation that these personal injury attorneys had got for me was outstanding. My car was fixed! Most of all my medical bill was taken care of!I can't thank these two hard working men enough!Definitely give Gazda & Tadayon two thumbs up!!
Lilo Marie
01:01 30 Jul 13
Gazda & Tadayon have been very helpful. After my car accident took place I was referred to them from one my clients. I went to them and expained my situation and they took the reins. They are hands down the best personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas. Thank you so much!
Soleil Grant
05:01 29 Jul 13

What To Do After Being Involved in a Big Rig/Semi-Truck Accident

Semi-Truck-AccidentsBig rig/semi-truck accidents are some of the scariest and intimidating. Truck drivers are supposed to be trained and licensed professionals, but in some cases, they can fail to attend to their duties on the road here in Las Vegas. If you or a loved one have been injured by a truck accident or a collision with another commercial vehicle, you deserve compensation. Don’t let the trucking industry’s powerful attorneys push you around.

Right after a serious truck collision, it can be tempting to call your insurance and immediately file a claim. There are immediate medical costs and property damage costs to cover, in addition to the trauma of such a serious accident. But insurance companies may not be your best allies, for a number of reasons.

At the end of the day, both the trucking company and the insurance companies will look out for their own interests. When you try to negotiate with them or contact them for a claim, they can minimize the amount of money awarded to you for the injury. They can also try to lower the amount estimated for medical costs and property damage costs to the victim and their loved ones. For example, if the injured driver suffers serious whiplash after the accident, the companies may agree to cover the immediate hospital visit and initial costs of treatment, but they won’t cover all the costs of long-term rehabilitation and pain management. There’s also the issue of any lost wages from the victim’s disability and resulting inability to work.

The attorneys of Gazda and Tadayon have been recognized by the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum for winning millions in compensation for our clients. Our ethical standards have also been highlighted by the law directory Martindale-Hubbard. When you work with Gazda and Tadayon on your semi-truck accident case, you will receive proven representation with full integrity.

To get started, schedule a free consultation for your semi-truck accident claim, or read what our clients have to say on our Gazda and Tadayon reviews page. You can also visit us in person at our welcoming and compassionate law firm, located at 2600 S Rainbow Boulevard, Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89146.

What Happens in a Truck Collision

No one wants to be injured in a car accident or truck accident, let alone one involving a huge 16 wheeler or 18 wheeler. Trucks are much bigger, heavier, and much more dangerous than any other vehicle on the road. They can weigh up to 20-30 times more than the everyday car, and sit much higher off the ground.

Because of their immense weight and size, they can cause horrible damage in the event of a crash, including severe bodily injury or even death, in addition to the extensive property damage. Most cars get totaled in a collision with a truck. Unfortunately, a disproportionate number of these accidents lead to fatalities. 

Some of the most common reasons for truck accidents include:

  • Drunk driving, or driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Loose or bad cargo loading
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Distracted driver
  • General disregard for traffic laws
  • Failure to yield right of way

The at-fault driver might also be fatigued. Truck drivers can sometimes drive more than 8-12 hours per shift or more, and although laws exist to prevent overtime to protect other drivers on the road these laws can go unheeded. They might have been texting while driving, or they may have fallen asleep for a few moments at the wheel after deciding to drive while fatigued.

Nevada has one of the highest rates of DUI in the nation, so a significant portion of these traffic accidents involves alcohol or intoxication.

After the auto accident, the truck driver’s condition is usually noted by law enforcement. This record can be used to determine the truck driver’s level of fault in the accident. In some cases, the injured victim is partially liable, but the injured victim can still file a claim as long as the truck driver has even greater fault in the accident. If you are injured in a truck accident, it is important to seek legal counsel before speaking to any insurance company, since anything you say is on the record and can be used against you when you attempt to file against them.

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Truck Accidents FAQs

Yes, if you decide to file a lawsuit, your truck accident lawyer will review all potential damages. In addition,  Your recovery in a personal injury action can include payment for income lost through missed work, plus compensation for any loss of earning capacity resulting from the accident

It depends on whether an employment relationship is established between the truck driver and the trucking company. If such a relationship is shown, the company can be held legally liable for the driver’s negligence under a legal theory known as “respondeat superior.”

It relies upon the level of your fault. Under the legitimate principle known as “comparative negligence,” the measure of another gathering’s obligation for the mishap is controlled by contrasting their imprudence and your own. That gathering’s part of risk decides the level of the subsequent harms the person must compensation.

In  limited conditions, the shipper of such risky materials can be considered legitimately capable if injury came about because of the truck’s payload, particularly if the shipper neglected to prompt the driver or the trucking organization of the unsafe idea of material contained in the cargo.

A commercial truck, such as a “big rig,” is a vehicle used in the course of business and/or for the transport of commercial goods. Examples are eighteen-wheeler tractor trailers, tanker trucks, delivery vehicles, and other large freight trucks.


Even in a safe car with proper maintenance, a victim in a semi-truck accident can often suffer severe injuries after an truck accident. Most injured victims will have been transported to a hospital, where a full inventory of their injuries will be taken, but certain injuries may not be so immediately obvious. It can sometimes take days or months to see the full extent of the damage.

Some of the most common injuries sustained in truck accidents are:

Victims often have general mobility issues after such a serious accident, and some may be disabled for life. Such a traumatic episode can also prevent the victim from being able to drive due to a developed phobia after the accident.

If injury from the truck accident is demonstrated and documented and the truck driver is found at fault, the victim can be entitled to substantial compensation. They can claim for a number of damages including:

  • medical treatments
  • surgery
  • long-term rehabilitation services, including physical therapy
  • medication for chronic pain
  • lost current and future income (lost wages)
  • property damage to the vehicle

Truck accident attorneys

We leave no stone un-turned to help you get back the quality of life and peace of mind you deserve.

Every single detail can make or break a traffic accident case. After we take on your case, we conduct our own independent examination of the accident. We will work hard to seek any evidence that suggests violations, including:

  • Reviewing the truck’s black box
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Investigating the scene
  • Making sure you have adequate medical treatment
  • Consulting with specialists regarding your case
  • Seeking compensation for your injuries

We know the hardships that come with being involved in an accident, that’s why we fight for the maximum amount. If you have suffered permanent or severe injuries your case can result in millions of dollars in compensation.

In most cases, the insurance company does pay out; however, they will try their best to not pay out as much as you need and deserve. Their aim is to withhold money. That way, they hold onto their profit. In a situation were the truck driver’s insurance company is hassling you, it’s time to call a lawyer to have it sorted out. Only a board certified lawyer can help you get the settlement you deserve. 

We also understand that your legal fight is just one part of your journey to recovery. Our friendly staff is there to make the legal process as smooth and comfortable as possible. At Gazda and Tadayon, we truly care about your personal and legal success.

Because the truck driver is usually backed by their employer’s legal team, it is critical that you choose an attorney with the confidence and experience to take on even the most complex personal injury cases in Las Vegas.

It’s also important to note that Nevada state law limits the amount of time after an accident that you can file for damages and compensation, so be sure to act quickly to get started. Contact us today to assess your individual case in a timely manner.

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Attorney Lewis J. Gazda

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With almost 30 years of experience, Attorney Lewis Gazda is one of the most respected lawyers in the Las Vegas community. Attorney Gazda specializes in both personal injury and wrongful death cases. He is recognized by his peers for his superior negotiation skills and extensive legal knowledge, earning the highest possible rating of AV Pre-eminent from Martindale-Hubbell.

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Attorney Afshin Tadayon

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Attorney Afshin Tadayon has more than 20 years of experience as an attorney in Las Vegas, with a diverse range of practice areas including personal injury, premises liability, wrongful death, criminal law, and mass tort litigation. Attorney Tadayon formerly served as a defense lawyer for insurance companies; his insider knowledge of their legal tactics makes him a potent advocate for clients seeking the compensation they deserve after an accident.

Attorney Tadayon is ranked AV Pre-eminent by Martindale-Hubbell, a rating reserved for only the top 10% of attorneys as designated by their peers.

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