How To Spot Financial Exploitation in Your Loved Ones | Elder Neglect & Abuse Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV

Financial exploitation is a serious concern for people of all ages, but it can spiral out of control with the elderly, especially in a nursing home environment. It's not unheard of for caregivers to take financial advantage of their patients, and while it might not seem as harmful as physical or emotional abuse, it's [...]

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Coronavirus Timeline in US Nursing Homes

How Nursing Homes Have Become A Hotbed Of Coronavirus In the United States The United States has been hit particularly hard by the virus known as COVID-19, or commonly referred to as the Coronavirus. It is debatable as to why this has occurred, yet there is no doubt that those that live in nursing homes [...]

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What Happens in a Wrongful Death Claim Against a Nursing Home in Nevada?

Overview Of Wrongful Death Incidents In Nursing Homes in Las Vegas, NV When a patient dies as a result of abuse, neglect, or malpractice in a nursing home in Nevada, this is a wrongful death case: an unfortunate incident that could have been prevented if the nursing home or facility was providing proper care. In [...]

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Basic Warning Signs of Elderly Abuse in Nursing Homes | Las Vegas Personal Injury Abuse Lawyers

Things To Look Out For With Elder Neglect & Abuse in Nevada With more than 50 nursing homes in Las Vegas, NV and 80% of them receiving citations for below average standards of care by 2020, elderly abuse is surprisingly not uncommon in Las Vegas and it's important to spot the signs early to stop [...]

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Common Signs of Neglect in Nursing Homes | Las Vegas Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse Attorneys

Signs Of Neglect In Nursing Homes in Las Vegas One of the biggest fears of having a family member in a nursing home setting is that they won't receive the care and treatment that they deserve. Unfortunately, even the best facilities here in Nevada have issues with neglect: for example, more than 80% of Las [...]

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How To Spot Physical Abuse in Elders | Las Vegas Physical Abuse Attorneys

Signs Of Physical Abuse Being Inflicted On The Elderly Many of us here in Nevada trust our elders in the care of a nursing home. Sadly, elderly patients and residents are subjected to relatively high levels of physical abuse in nursing home environments. They are one of the most vulnerable populations for abuse, since they [...]

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Are Nevada Nursing Homes Protected From Lawsuits and Claims?

Liability of Nursing Homes in Las Vegas, Nevada and Beyond for COVID-19 It might not come as a surprise that in the United States, where the first coronavirus outbreak occurred in Washington nursing home, there is an overwhelming and dangerous link between coronavirus and our nursing homes. So far, there have been more than 60,000 [...]

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Are Nursing Homes in Las Vegas, NV Properly Handling Coronavirus?

Problems With Las Vegas Nursing Homes During COVID-19 During these times of coronavirus, there are few other institutions that have been hit as hard as nursing homes. It can be easy to assume it's because the population there is already at risk: according to the CDC, elderly patients and those with underlying conditions are the [...]

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My Loved One Got Coronavirus From A Nursing Home. What Do We Do?

Coronavirus From A Nursing Home In Las Vegas What happens if my loved one contracts COVID-19 at a nursing home? We trust nursing homes to provide care for our loved ones, but their responsibility is made even more important during these times of coronavirus, or COVID-19. Any senior care or assisted living facility has a [...]

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Las Vegas COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

COVID-19 Hits Nursing Homes In Shocking Numbers  In the coronavirus pandemic, no population has been hit harder than elderly and at-risk residents in nursing homes. Currently over 2 million Americans live in 15,600 nursing homes across the country. While many of us have trusted these nursing homes to provide adequate care and treatment for our [...]

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